My First Post-The Castle on the Hill


Hello world!  As the blog name suggests, this is an art journal.  It’s not my first one since I also maintain instagram and tumblr accounts.  I used to work in the IT industry before I quit last year to become a full-time mom and housewife.  I’ve taken up drawing as a hobby and I’ve been posting my work in my instagram and tumblr accounts.  I decided to start this wordpress blog to post my thoughts since I did not want to flood my instagram/tumblr feed with my ramblings.  I will most likely use this blog to post my works along with some thoughts.

Well, I’m itching to start on another illustration but I’m out of ideas.  This is the latest one.  In case he’s not recognizable to you, he’s Ed Sheeran.  Or rather, my version of Ed Sheeran.  I can’t get his “Castle on the Hill” song out of my head and I was even humming it while working on this.  My husband says it’s a little bit creepy (my harshest critic ever).  I used to feel really down whenever he says that about my drawings, and I would spend days pondering if I should just quit drawing if it makes me so sad when it’s supposed to relax me.  Lately though, it  doesn’t get me down anymore because I kind of accepted that I can only come up with creepy illustrations.  I don’t really aim for “creepy” whenever I draw.  In fact, I WANTED so badly to come up with happy, warm, cute, whimsical drawings.  I combed through a lot of artists’ Instagram feeds for inspiration, and I really tried to tone down the creepiness factor which is apparently so plain for him to see, but always escapes me.  I thought it was cute!  Gusto ko cute!  I experimented with different media, tried a cartoony, less realistic style, but I eventually stopped because I felt like I was just trying too hard.  I felt so fake.  Truth is, although I like happy drawings, I’m very much drawn to dark, moody illustrations like those of Angela Barret’s.  Her “Anne Frank” and “Beauty and the Beast” illustrations are so wonderful I would buy them all if I could.

Creepy is a word that I never thought would be used to describe my work, but what I can do, maybe deep inside that’s just who I am, yes?  So I will embrace my inner creepiness and continue to draw and paint as long as I could!


Author: seordonez

Amateur illustrator. In Tagalog, Feeling Illustrator.

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