Drawing them out


So for someone who does not possess the talent to draw from imagination, what do I draw?  Well, since I can’t draw what’s in my head, I just draw what I see.  And I mean I really just draw what I see.  If I cannot do a live sketch, I take photos to capture a fleeting image and work on it when I get home.  I take photos of anything that catches my interest-flowers, trees, shadows, windows, doors, staircases, people.  I don’t really have a deep message to convey through my drawings.  I don’t have a cause.  I just draw images that I find pretty and interesting and hopefully one day get to sell them.

This painting shows the trees against the afternoon sun, viewed from a bus window along PIE, Changi area.


Author: seordonez

Amateur illustrator. In Tagalog, Feeling Illustrator.

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